Join the Lab

Are you interested in the neural and computational bases of decision making and mental illnesses? Do you want to better understand the brain mechanisms that give rise to mental health problems? Then join our lab!

We are currently hiring multiple people for the newly formed Developmental Computational Psychiatry group at the University of Tübingen.

Postdoctoral fellows.

We have several postdoctoral positions available ranging from clinical positions focusing on working with psychiatric population, to computational modelling positions and computational neuroimaging positions (primarily fMRI, MEG). Please see the job advertisements here and follow the procedure as indicated in the advert:

We also have one 12-month postdoc at UCL, based in the Max Planck UCL Centre – all infos can be found here.


We have the following positions open in Tübingen. Please see all details on the application in the advert:

PhD students.

We are currently not (yet) offering any PhD positions in the lab. We will announce when positions come up here and on twitter.

Master / Medical Doctorate students.

We regularly advertise thesis projects both at UCL and in Tübingen. If you are interested, get in touch with Tobias via email.