Curious Development

This study is investigating why some children and young people have problems with emotions, mood and behaviour. These problems may affect how these individuals live their life and whether they learn well at school. We want to find out why some people have these problems, and others do not so that we can help these individuals.

We are recruiting participants aged 8-18 years from London schools and conducting the study in the schools, during the school day. We will also ask all participants to complete the assessments around 1-year later because we are interested in the changes that happen as children grow older.

The study:

We will first ask the student (and a parent if they are under16) if they would like to take part.

Researchers will then come into the child’s school where they will see a few children at a time in a room at the school. The children will complete different tasks, which will take up to 2 hours to complete.

The tasks include:

  • Playing computer games, we call these “tasks” on laptops. These tasks will involve activities such as flying rockets to planets across the universe or picking fruit from trees.
  • Completing questionnaires. These will ask about feelings, emotions and behaviour.
  • Completing problems solving tasks. This will involve such activities as finishing a pattern of shapes.

We will also be asking the parents of the under 16-year-olds to complete some questionnaires on their computer/phone which will be emailed to them. We can also send paper versions to parents if preferred. These will be short questionnaires asking about the child’s family background and circumstances, and their emotions. We will ask for the parent’s email address on the information sheet given to the parent(s) through school.

If you would like more information, please email Aislinn Bowler (