Curious Development

This study is investigating why some children and young people have problems with emotions, mood and behaviour. These problems may affect how these individuals live their life and whether they learn well at school. We want to find out why some people have these problems, and others do not so that we can help these individuals.

Are you a student aged between 8 and 18? Or is your child in that age range? You can sign up for our study to help us understand how the brain works during development.

How does the study work?

We will first ask the student (and a parent if they are under 16) if they would like to take part over email.

If the student decides to participate, they will be asked to complete questionnaires and play computer games at home on a laptop. Everything will take around 1 hour and the student receives £7 online voucher after they have finished everything.

The study includes:

  • Playing computer games, we call these “tasks”. These tasks will involve activities such as cleaning space from asteroids, or collecting rubies from planets.
  • Completing questionnaires. These will ask about feelings, emotions and behaviour.

We will also be asking the parents of the under 16-year-olds to complete some questionnaires on their computer/phone. These will be short questionnaires asking about the child’s family background and circumstances, and their emotions.

If you would like to sign up, or receive more information, please click here.