A rise of OCD: OCD symptoms are more affected by the Covid-19 pandemic than other mental health symptoms.

In our new preprint, we present data of our longitudinal study in which we tracked obsessive-compulsive, anxiety and depression symptoms in the general public during the first Covid-19 pandemic wave. We show an elevation across all psychiatric symptoms. However, while depression scores decreased and anxiety symptoms remained stable over time, obsessive-compulsive symptoms rose further even though the peak of the first pandemic wave had passed. These OC symptoms were directly linked to Covid-related information seeking which gave rise to a higher adherence to government Covid-19 guidelines.

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Loosen, A. M., Skvortsova, V., & Hauser, T. U. (2020). A Selective Increase in OC Symptoms is Driving Information Seeking and Guideline Adherence During the Covid-19 Pandemic. MedRxiv, 2020.12.08.20245803.